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Omni channel digital catalog with augmented reality

The Problem

There is limited technology solution available for customers of Jewelry retailers, be it having a digital catalog, virtualization libraries, or allowing users to try on jewels virtually (given the pandemic situation) and managing their stock. It is a major risk to carry along high-value jewelry physically to customer places or presenting in international trade forums, across various cities.

The Solution

Great Innovus developed a product Purple Tab which is available on cloud and on-prem, to address this concern. The product features a digital catalog creation, virtual trial rooms, customizing jewel designs, and analytics capabilities. The solution is powered by an advanced image recognition and processing algorithm that can recognize faces, objects, and actions to provides customers close to a physical wearing of the jewelry.

Value Proposition

Retailers can easily create, maintain, and manage their product catalog while easily managing the stock. Allowing their customers to try out customized jewels virtually increases customer engagement and cart value, eventually. Retailers can showcase their products and designs to international customers through the virtual gallery allowing them to reach out to global audiences.

Case Study

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