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How professional services companies have improved their service to public sector clients by switching to Microsoft Dynamics

This professional service provides training courses for the public on the Europe Police and Fire Services. They also offer courses for fleet management companies in over 25 countries.

The Challenge

The organization started as part of a larger automotive organization, but separated its core business and became independent. This independence made the SAP Finance / ERP solution unusable, but also needed a better solution for midmarket / SMB companies. A request for proposal (RFP) has been sent to a potential solution provider.

Great Innovus choice

After evaluating several mid-market financial/ERP solutions, a decision was made in favor of the company's Microsoft strategy. The strategy leverages existing technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office and internal SQL-based applications and capabilities. After deciding to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics solutions to align with Microsoft's technology strategy, the company went through a search and selection process with potential partners who might meet key criteria:

  • Partners with a proven track record in similar organizations, preferably in M25 Inside.
  • Provides solutions not only within the Europe but throughout Europe to facilitate partners with offices in the European union.
  • Ability to provide solutions that integrate supporting documentation with customer invoices.
  • Good understanding of the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite to ensure integration of financial systems with CRM applications is possible.
  • Provide proactive account management to drive your organization forward and be an advocate for Microsoft technologies.
  • Offers a proactive support desk with inherent accounting skills and in-depth Microsoft Dynamics functional knowledge and experience.

The Benefits

The Microsoft Dynamics solution was successfully implemented in the Europe within six months. Some of the benefits realized from Microsoft solutions and migrating to Great Innovus are:

  • Automate business processes and reduce the need for manual key intervention.
  • Provides a cost-effective software foundation that scales as your organization grows and grows.
  • Offers a familiar Microsoft user interface that is easy to use and therefore easy to adopt..
  • Provides a financial system that is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite and related Microsoft software "stack".
  • Standard program management reporting using standard Dynamics native reporting capabilities and using Excel-based reporting tools such as Jet Reports provides complete flexibility for end-user reporting without resorting to Great Innovus after go-live.
  • Reduce the manual, labor-intensive effort required to create customer invoices and related supporting documents.
  • Launch an expense solution that simplifies expense submission and approval processes and reduces processing time for finance staff.

Endorsing the value gained from implementing the ERP solution described above, the professional services firm's financial director commented,

"We are delighted that the Microsoft ERP system is the final piece of the puzzle to ensure we have everything. Under the Microsoft umbrella, it is clear that we have Seeing the value in it. We are very pleased with the team at Great Innovus ERP who took the utmost determination and flexibility to ensure that the ERP solution is tailored specifically to our needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable Microsoft ERP implementation partner, Please call Great Innovus."

Great Innovus‘ new business sales and account manager commented:

"When this professional services organization came to Great Innovus, they had two different systems that obviously wouldn't work together in the future. That's why we encouraged them to migrate to Microsoft ERP , which will allow them to consolidate all of their systems into one place under the Microsoft umbrella. Additionally, our expert team at Great Innovus fully supports the technology implemented to ensure they get the most value out of using the system."

Bottom line

As you can see above, this professional services firm is excited about the value they've realized from migrating to Dynamics ERP. After a successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation, they automated business processes, reduced the manual, labor-intensive overhead of creating customer invoices, provided standard program management reporting, and implemented a comprehensive expense solution. Great Innovus continues to support the organization to ensure they take full advantage of this feature.

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