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How a professional services company expanded their business in the european financial sector through Microsoft Dynamics


Since 2006, the retail financial services provider for the European market has been expanding its business with Microsoft Dynamics at the core of financial management. Headquartered in Tamil Nadu, with offices in India and a development team in the US, the publicly traded company has grown and now manages over £10 billion in investor funds

The Challenges

As organizations grow, the need for better management of financial transactions, as well as for better reporting and business intelligence, has led to the decision to deploy robust and feature-rich financial solutions. The following prerequisites are essential when evaluating possible solutions:

  • The solution should have excellent "drill down and step over" capabilities so that users can quickly and easily absorb information from the entire solution.
  • The solution should have comprehensive reporting and business intelligence capabilities in the core application.
  • Ability to link to Microsoft Excel to import sales and purchase ledger transactions.
  • The ability to operate multiple legal entities and consolidate data into one database.
  • After a review of leading financial software vendors, Microsoft Dynamics was selected for its proven functionality and capabilities to achieve its key objectives.

Picking Great Innovus

After deciding to migrate to a Microsoft Dynamics solution to align with Microsoft‘s technology strategy, the company conducted a search and selection process with potential partners who might meet key criteria:

  • A partner with a proven track record in a similar organisation, preferably in central Europe.
  • Ability to provide development capabilities to integrate its externally created sales and purchase ledger transactions into financial applications.
  • Provide proactive account management to drive your organization forward and be an advocate for Microsoft technologies.
  • Offers a proactive support desk with inherent accounting skills and in-depth Microsoft Dynamics functional knowledge and experience.

Following a review of leading Eruope Partners, Great Innovus was selected to implement the Microsoft Dynamics solution. Furthermore, Great Innovus continues to provide ongoing business continuity support to this day.

The Benefits

The Microsoft Dynamics solution was successfully implemented in a short period of time. Some of the benefits realized through the Microsoft solution and migrating to Great Innovus include:

  • Improved reporting and business intelligence capabilities are included in the solution, enabling companies to export and analyze data quickly and at a glance.
  • Assumed Organizational Efficiency - Minimizing time delays in day-to-day business operations is critical in order to focus on business critical tasks.
  • Implemented a solution that allows the organization to scale without the additional overhead requirements of the finance team.
  • Provides a seamless mechanism for importing sales and purchasing transactions from its in-house application into the financial solution, saving time and eliminating manual entry and potential data entry errors.

Highlighting the value gained through financial solutions, the professional services firm‘s CFO said:

"As our business grows rapidly, it is critical that we implement a financial system that can help us better manage our financial transactions. At this point, we decided to bring in Great Innovus to help us fully implement this Microsoft Dynamics financial system in our company. We have to say that from the beginning, Great Innovus was handling such a complex implementation to ensure the system performed exactly the way we wanted , knowledgeable and efficient. Additionally, we appreciate the communications we received during the project regarding progress and any issues encountered and planned actions to address them. If you're looking for a Microsoft partner to help you implement Microsoft Dynamics Financials for your company, I recommend you choose Great Innovus, you won't regret it!


As mentioned above, this professional services firm is delighted that they decided to use Great Innovus to implement the Microsoft Dynamics financial system. "After the successful implementation of the new Microsoft Dynamics financial system, they have significantly changed the way they manage financial transactions, improved the way they operate multiple legal entities and consolidate data into one database, and leverage the comprehensive reporting at their disposal and business intelligence skills. Great Innovus has fully supported the solution to date to ensure that all functions available within the system continue to be used.

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