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Case Study

Case Stydy

For a global enterprise software solutions provider.

The Problem

The needs of the Food & Beverage production and manufacturing has evolved rapidly, and legacy enterprise solutions cannot cater to this. Hence the need to build a future proof ERP solution that would help automate the end-to-end business process of this vertical.

The Solution

Great Innovus's in-house experts in Microsoft Dynamics AL/extension V2 collaborated with the client team in designing and developing the ERP solution involving an Agile approach ensuring constant delivery of value. Realizing the various needs of the end users, the solution was made available on web and mobile.

The ERP solution enables its customers to:
  • Simplify their supply chain and manufacturing process
  • Understand and optimize costs
  • Robust sales order processing
  • Operate globally
  • Be compliant on regulatory standards

For the USA based Fortune 100 software industrial company with more than 100 years of global operational presence.

The Problem

Ensuring the availability of sensitive solutions in the Access and Security deployed in large commercial establishments including secure government buildings, global banks, large format malls need a robust support infrastructure and strong process maturity.

The Solution

Great Innovus's team used our ITIL-based support framework with a comprehensive application monitoring and management system. The engagement involved monitoring the application suite, proactive problem management and quick release of new features, enhancements.

Our support services helped the customer realize the following benefits:
  • High availability (up to 99.5%) of applications ensuring business is unaffected
  • Strong collaboration between L1, L2, and L3 support teams resulting in stricter SLA compliance
  • Increased customer satisfaction through our proactive support model
  • Faster development and delivery of new features, enhancements
  • Improved scalability with our flexible support team and process
  • Continuous improvement of support services
Case Stydy
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