What is DevOps and why should we adopt its approach in business?

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 If you work on a technical team, you've probably heard the term “DevOps" before, or even heard it enthusiastically promoted by respected peers or people in the industry. But what exactly is DevOps and how does it work?

In this article, we explain the concepts and benefits of adopting DevOps in your workplace.

In short, what is DevOps?

In any IT-based business, there are two areas of technology that need to work together with a reasonable degree of coordination to increase efficiency. On the development side, you have the team that writes the code and builds the software that the company uses. On the other hand, you have the operations team that manages the technical systems that use the software.

In short, DevOps is a way of working that allows development and operations functions to work together in a symbiotic virtuous cycle, rather than acting as two separate silos that sometimes contradict each other.

Why implement DevOps:

Adopting a DevOps approach to your organization can bring many significant benefits, including…

1. Faster software delivery and changes

The number one reason you should implement DevOps is based on speed. DevOps evolved from agile software delivery methods, which means it is able to bring software to market faster than the old “waterfall" software method. Because teams work together in shorter sprints, the software can be built quickly and issues like bugs and glitches can be fixed faster.

2. Improve cross-team collaboration

We mentioned team collaboration above, which is another benefit of adopting DevOps. Given the old approach to software development and IT operations, the two different teams worked their own way, before going through a few iterations.

In practice, the end-to-end DevOps process looks like this:



1. Software Plan 2. Code 3. Build  4. Test 


1. Release 2. Deploy 3. Operation 4. Monitor

before we reschedule further additions to the software based on the monitoring phase of the operations team. All of these help improve service delivery and make life easier for everyone in your organization.


3. Increase security

 Another benefit of adopting DevOps is that it supports a continuous approach to security testing, which ultimately leads to safer software and networks.


Through continuous security testing, DevOps teams constantly monitor security threats and quickly remediate vulnerabilities whether in software development or in a company's IT infrastructure. 


4. Huge potential for automation

Linked directly to security, it has the potential to automate many areas of the testing process as well as other potentially repetitive tasks. This saves a lot of time, freeing software developers and your IT team to focus on other important tasks throughout the continuous development pipeline. Not only does this save time for your existing staff, but it can also help shorten development cycles, and it can even help you reduce headcount so you can invest in other areas of your business, such as: B. Improving your IT hardware or purchasing an additional software license.


5. More innovations

All of this contributes to arguably the biggest benefit of adopting DevOps. As automation translates into more time, and cross-team collaboration leads to better service delivery, teams of developers can create more advanced and innovative software that solves the company's problems in all sorts of unexpected ways. Likewise, by working with your Ops team, they can customize it to meet the specific limitations or quirks of existing legacy software and hardware, which means DevOps can help you get more out of your legacy systems for longer— -or Empower you to achieve true digital transformation with tailored solutions to lead your company into an exciting future.



Do you need to introduce a DevOps culture into your company?

The successful implementation of a DevOps strategy is an enterprise-wide phenomenon that requires the participation of all stakeholders, the adoption of a DevOps culture, and the adoption of lean and agile principles.

Hiring talented DevOps engineers can shorten an organization's path to success. Curious about how the Great Innovus software development team can empower your business? Please feel free to contact us.

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