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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps companies to streamline their financial and accounting processes, manage sales and purchase orders, optimize inventory levels, track manufacturing and distribution processes, and much more.

Business Central is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of business applications and can be used as a standalone product or integrated with other Microsoft applications like Office 365, Power BI, and PowerApps. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best suits their needs.

Business Central has a user-friendly interface that allows users to access important business data in real-time, from anywhere, using any device. It provides powerful reporting and analysis capabilities, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and gain insights into their operations. The solution also supports multiple currencies, languages, and regulatory requirements, making it ideal for businesses operating in multiple countries.

What are the Primary Features of Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution offering many features and capabilities. Some of the primary features of Business Central include:

Financial Management: Business Central offers a comprehensive financial management system that allows users to track and manage their finances, including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, bank reconciliation, and cash management.

Supply Chain Management: Business Central offers robust supply chain management capabilities, including inventory management, order management, and purchasing.

Project Management: The platform allows businesses to manage their projects by creating project budgets, tracking project expenses, and monitoring project progress.

Human Resources: Business Central offers human resources management capabilities, including employee records management, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration.

Business Intelligence and Reporting: The platform offers a range of business intelligence and reporting tools, including financial reporting, business analytics, and data visualization.

Integration with Other Microsoft Products: Business Central integrates with other Microsoft products, including Power BI, PowerApps, and Office 365, allowing businesses to streamline their workflows and improve productivity.

Mobile Access: Business Central is available on mobile devices, enabling users to access the platform and complete tasks on-the-go.

These are just some of the primary features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The platform is highly customizable, and businesses can tailor it to meet their unique needs and requirements.

What are the recent key changes in Business Central?


There have been several key changes in Business Central over the past few years. Some of the recent key changes include:

Refreshed User Experience: Business Central has a refreshed user interface that maximizes screen space and simplifies navigation throughout the program, leading to increased productivity.

Availability: Business Central can be deployed on-premises, in-cloud, or in a hybrid installation, allowing businesses to manage operations from anywhere, at any time.

“Tell Me" Feature: The “Tell Me" feature helps users search for pages or reports quickly and with fewer clicks, resulting in more efficient navigation.

Filtering: The new filtering pane on the sides of panels makes it easy to apply multiple predefined or custom filters to lists, which are kept as users navigate between pages.

Copy and Paste Rows: This feature allows users to copy and paste rows into the same or similar lists within the application, resulting in more efficient data management.

Enhanced Experience with Embedded Power BI: With a more seamless connection between Microsoft Power BI and Business Central, users can share information promptly and manage reports without leaving the app.

Changing Permission Sets: Customizable permission sets allow users to add, remove, or change permissions based on changing business environments.

Integrations: Business Central can seamlessly integrate with other Dynamics 365 apps, as well as intelligent platforms like Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and technologies such as AI/ML, to provide actionable insights for efficient business operations globally.

Customization via Extensions: Business Central allows third-party customization and extensions to provide enhanced features for business continuity, even in challenging times.

What are the hosting options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers flexible hosting options to suit the diverse needs of businesses. Here are the hosting options for Business Central:


Business Central can be deployed in Microsoft's cloud environment, which is known as Azure. This deployment option eliminates the need for businesses to maintain their hardware and infrastructure, and it provides scalability and high availability.


Business Central can also be hosted on-premises, which means that the software is installed on servers that are located on the business's premises. This deployment option gives businesses complete control over their data and infrastructure.


Business Central can be hosted in a hybrid deployment, which combines the benefits of both cloud and on-premises hosting. With this option, businesses can keep critical data on-premises while taking advantage of cloud-based services for other operations.

Business Central's hosting options provide businesses with the flexibility to choose the deployment option that suits their unique requirements, whether they prefer a fully cloud-based solution, an on-premises deployment, or a hybrid approach.


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What is the scope of Dynamics 365 Business Central?


The scope of Dynamics 365 Business Central is quite broad and comprehensive. It is designed to be an all-in-one business management solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of businesses, regardless of their size or industry.


With Business Central, users can manage key business processes including financial management, inventory and supply chain management, sales and purchasing, project management, service management, and human resources. It also includes tools for business intelligence and reporting, as well as integration with other Microsoft applications such as Power BI and Power Apps.


Business Central offers advanced capabilities such as multi-currency support, intercompany transactions, and warehouse management. It can also be extended with customizations and third-party extensions to further expand its functionality.

The scope of Business Central is to provide a comprehensive business management solution that empowers businesses to streamline their operations, gain valuable insights into their performance, and drive growth and success.


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How to implement Business Central in my business?


Implementing Business Central in your business can involve several steps, and the specific process can vary depending on your business needs and requirements. However, here are some general steps that can help guide you through the implementation process:


Define Your Business Requirements: You need to define your business requirements and determine how Business Central can help you achieve your goals. You may want to involve different stakeholders and departments in this process to ensure that you're capturing everyone's requirements.


Choose Your Implementation Approach: You can choose from different implementation approaches, including a phased rollout or a full implementation. A phased rollout involves implementing Business Central in stages, while a full implementation involves implementing all the features and modules at once. Your approach will depend on your business size, complexity, and budget.


Choose Your Deployment Method: You can choose to deploy Business Central in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. Each deployment option has its advantages and disadvantages, and you'll need to choose the one that works best for your business.


Configure and Customize Business Central: Once you've chosen your deployment method, you'll need to configure and customize Business Central to match your business requirements. You can configure various settings such as currency, taxation, and security, and customize Business Central to match your business processes.


Data Migration: You'll need to migrate your existing data to Business Central. You may need to clean up your data and transform it to match the format required by Business Central.


Testing and Training: You'll need to test Business Central thoroughly to ensure that it's working as expected. You'll also need to train your employees on how to use Business Central and its features effectively.


Go Live: Once you're satisfied that Business Central is working correctly, you can go live and start using it to manage your business processes.

It's important to note that implementing Business Central can be a complex process, and it's advisable to work with a certified Microsoft partner or consultant who can guide you through the implementation process and help you get the most out of your investment.

Great Innovus' 6-step process for successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in your business


Great Innovus can help you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in your business by following these steps:


Our team of experts will consult with you to understand your business requirements and identify the areas where Business Central can add value to your operations.


Based on your specific needs, we will customize Business Central to ensure that it aligns with your business processes.

Data Migration: 

We will migrate your existing data from other systems into Business Central so that you can continue to work with minimal disruption.

User Training: 

Our team will provide comprehensive user training to ensure that your employees can fully utilize the capabilities of Business Central.


We can integrate Business Central with other systems such as Power BI, Power Apps, and other third-party applications to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


Great Innovus offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your Business Central implementation continues to run smoothly.

With our expertise in implementing Business Central, we can help you optimize your business operations and achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Everything you need to know anytime and anywhere!)

Dynamics 365 view of your business​​ 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a management software suitable for small and medium-sized companies, allowing customization according to the company's department and scale. It also allows you to add new features based on the development of your organization and its growing needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a global solution that uses Microsoft Azure to integrate different areas of business into a single platform in the cloud to achieve full mobility.

In addition to optimal productivity, you can seamlessly integrate with Office 365, CRM for Sales, Power BI, and other Dynamics 365 applications through Microsoft's global integration. 

ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve and automate all company processes and help optimize all processes to achieve better results.

 What is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution for small and medium enterprises that can  optimize and simplify all business processes. Compared with its predecessor, Navision (Dynamics NAV), it also provides complete visual changes, making the user experience more flexible and complete.

Business Central is seamlessly integrated with CRM for Sales and Microsoft's CRM, providing a 360-degree view of the business and facilitating decision-making.

Another advantage of it is customization because it allows the management software to be expanded and adjusted according to the needs of each customer, and adapted to the characteristics and particularities of each activity department.

The Microsoft Ecosystem

Learn about the Microsoft stack

From familiar Office 365 solutions to Power Platform, Business Central has a wealth of wonderful products. Microsoft has invested heavily in the “stack” of its integrated products, which means that Business central  purchase orders can be created in Outlook and Power BI charts that appear in your Business Central role center. No other ERP on the market is surrounded by such an infrastructure, and we are very excited about future products!

How can I extend my Business Central solution?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a flexible and feature-rich ERP solution. In addition to standard functions, you can also add additional functions to Business Central in areas that your business needs. Add Jet Reports for powerful organization-wide reports, Continia Document Capture to automate your AP process, Tasklet Factory to move your warehouse, just to name a few!

Dynamics 365 business center services

At Great Innovus, we have a team of experienced Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants who use Dynamics 365 Business Central and your business practices to improve your productivity and collaboration. From Dynamics 365 Business Central pricing and licensing to support and maintenance, migration to upgrades, our dedicated Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants can help you get the best efficiency through the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Why choose Great Innovus as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner?

As a well-known Dynamics 365 Business Central partner, Great Innovus has the expertise to handle the old version of Dynamics NAV. Our experienced Dynamics 365 consultants will assist you in taking advantage of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central while optimizing your business to provide excellent results.

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