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IOS 12 VS Android Pie: What is the Best?

February 12, 2021 | Mobile | No Comments

Mobile application development is getting exciting day by day as companies are rolling out more advanced features for their mobile Operating Systems (OS). Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android today share an incredible part in the mobile market leaving all other operating systems in the great distance behind, it is fair to say today the Mobile OS market space is shared by just only iOS and Android. Although, we have to pick from these two options we have anyways.

Apple and Google are similarly not willing to leave their place in the marketing, so continuously reconstructing their operating systems and releasing new operating systems with great features often.

Google has taken the first step to release its latest OS: Android Pie 9.0 ( and has arrived on Google Pixel devices and some essential mobile phones only.

Just a few months later Apple launched its beta version of iOS 12 ( and soon rolls out to the public in September 2018. Both drive with a large list of new innovations and improvements.


Apple enhanced Siri with lots of improvements in iOS 12, with help of Siri we can able to do virtually anything with our voice commands. Siri will monitor our daily habits and can do easy tasks like driving the applications and making more difficult tasks that require several steps. This is the feature called ‘Shortcuts’. For instance, we can able to create Shortcuts to take a photo, changing live photos into GIFs, calculations, etc.

Google Assistants are more reliable and flexible than Apple Siri also still google remains with the same functionality in Android Pie. But some minimal improvements are handled like making calls and reservations etc. Google still in the virtual assistant competition with Apple.


Google ultimately introduced Gesture Recognition Control in the Android Pie operating system which is away from the buttons and using a simple swipe function for movement in the mobile device. The functionality is already introduced in the Apple iPhone X. Making a different set of swiping does a set of functions.

Example: Swiping up from the bottom redirecting to Homepage, hold once swipe up showing the recent apps section, etc. But still, Google allows us to use the static navigation buttons.


Google also wants to do more on Android Pie regarding the notification system. Android Pie won’t let us separate the notification between the lock screen and notification center instead once the mobile enters Do Not Disturb mode, notifications are not shown on the lock screen and also in the notification center. By flipping the mobile phone facedown on the bed or table its turns to the Do Not Disturb mode in Android Pie.

Apple updated their Notification systems in iOS 12 with lots of new functionalities. Receiving more and more notifications from messages, emails, social media, news, etc at one period it’s becoming overwhelmed. Through notification management able to turn off a particular application notifications and able to select the options to convey the notification in silent mode on the notification center and particular app, but not the lock screen. iOS 12 also has a Bedtime Mode, which transfers all the notifications received during the night to Notification Centre.


Nowadays people are spending more time on mobile phones. Both Apple and Google want us to show the spending time of each application. iOS 12 and Android Pie’s unique features monitor our activity in the device and making some own limitations to control your usage.

It allows us to see the exact time spend in an individual application like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Using timers able to prevent the usage of the application for more time, it will automatically stop the running application. iOS 12 introduced it as a name called Screen Time.


Facial recognition is also one of the competing features in mobile phones. Apple iOS 12 allows us to set up other appearances for FaceID which increases the facial recognition abilities of the iPhone X. By Using their TruthCamera they capture your face, projecting 30,000 dots to create a depth map and they are also taking the infrared image.

In Android Pie, a new biometric API is used for facial recognition. With facial recognition able to unlock the mobile phones, login into the application, and for an authorized purpose can use it. From android, they are not having any dedicated hardware just the selfie camera and complex facial detection algorithm to find the face with the given image.

Apple’s FaceID is slightly superior then the android’s facial biometric it unlocking even in darker conditions, therefore making the facial recognition technology easy to live with.


ARKit is Apple’s software development tool used by developers to build augmented reality applications for iOS. ARKit 2 is one of the largest updates in iOS 12. iOS framework allows all kinds of applications and games in which the devices have interacted with the real world. Apple introduced their first augmented reality applications called Measure used to measure the objects just by aiming the camera at them. ARKit 2 having improved features in face tracking, 3D object identification, and realistic rendering, etc.

ARCore is the Android development platform used for the same purpose as like ARKit. Using the mobile device’s camera, accelerometers and gyroscope augmented applications are developed. The ARCore based applications are having features like animated 3D including some words, objects, and characters. Both these functionalities are also similar to ARKit.


Memoji is one of the coolest features used to create an Animoji for everyone. We can able to customize the hairstyle, skin tone, headwear, eyewear, etc. Based on our personality able to create the Animoji is possible in iOS 12 with Memoji.  In Messages and FaceTime able to use the Memoji, as of now, it’s available only on iPhone X, but soon Apple will release more devices.

Google also recently launched Android Pie comes with Emoji and some set improved features like hot face, pleading face and improved food, animal other images, etc.


In parental control both android and IOS having a list of similar features and having intensive care over the children. Here android has a separate service called a family link. It having a set of vital features like application management, screen monitoring, device locking.

In IOS they are having the options in the settings area. It will block websites, filter online content, and let parents set flexible Web-browsing time limits. Other monitoring systems like location tracking, call tracking all are similar to android. If you want smart parental control features in the mobile environment then we can go the android first.


These are all wonderful developments for consumers, and people are happy that Apple and Google are striving to create new innovations like these. Also, each of them has its distinct advantages and it fully depends on you that what is most valuable to you. This competition between Apple and Google is the benefit for users because it encourages software companies to enhance their products fastly.

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