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Just say automation testing priceless for Saving Time as the test scripts are running automatically 24/7, Report Generation is able to get the test results every day, Consistency & Accuracy as automation testing drive to the accurate results at every time, Saving Money, Reducing Resources, etc.

Why Automation Testing?

Last few years test automation has been a deep subject and widely used. Many developers converted manual testing to the modern approach of automation testing and managing the quality of the application. 

Manual testing performed thoroughly, through the application functions and trying with a different way and data combinations, finally comparing the expected result with the actual result and recording the observations.

In manual testing, the same test scenarios are repeated often if any source code changes are done or operating environments and hardware configurations. With automation tool able to set the pre-defined actions and running whenever we needed, comparing the results of expected functions and generating the report of success or failure tests. Once automated tests are designed they can simply be repeated and they can be continued to perform tasks difficult or impossible with manual testing.

There are different kinds of software tests that can be automated

Automation is used in different types of testing like Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, etc

which saves our day extraordinarily.

The same test scenario is repeated often if any changes are done in code to ensure the quality of the application is called Regression Testing. Manually testing these same test scenarios takes more time and cost. If we create the automated testing scripts able to run the scenario again and again (whenever we needed) or for a specific time period. For example, Selenium, QTP, Winrunner, etc are used for the regression testing. Automated regression testing reduces the time of repetitive test scenarios from days to few hours.

Smoke Testing is to test the development phase application and confirming that the application is ready for Testing Phase. For instant verification of the basic functionality of application runs properly, if any error or failure in functions is not allowed for the testing phase. So the developers continue to resolve the issues. Once the smoke testing completed successfully, the application will be given to the testing phase. Automation smoke testing is mainly helpful for earlier identification of the bugs.

Most of the application performance and stability issues are raised when the server is having lots of data and not able to handle it within a proper time manner. So before deploying the code into the production environment need to do the performance testing and confirm that the servers are managing the data flawlessly and giving the performance well. Automation testing assists us to design the coding with large data which runs with the data and delivering the report regarding the performance of the application.

Load and stress testing is not possible with manual testing. Handling lots and lots of Data in an application is difficult for manual tester and can’t able to find out how the application working with more data. Automation helping us to get rid of it. WebLOAD tool gives a fair review of web application performance, showing issues and bottlenecks that may be in the way of achieving load and response requirements.


Benefits and Limitations of Automation Testing

• Automated testing saves time and money.

• Greatly Increases the Test Coverage – Lengthy test often bypassed during manual testing which can be done by automation in multiple computers with different configurations.

• Automation testing running with the same steps accurately every time while executing and reporting the complete results.

• Automaton testing does what manual testing cannot.

• Automated testing scripts may take time but when we perform them they are regularly quick and able to do different steps much quicker than a human.


• Automation testing only verifies the important functions which are programmed to test, not in the UI level. So while programming itself has to consider the system and UI level of test scripts.

• Automation testing stops the execution even for minor changes in the applications or service down.

• Automation testing only helps to execute the predefined test scripts which compare the expected and actual results of any application. Precisely test an application with the entire information requires human intelligence.



Even when the team is out of the office or any holidays, those test scripts are run automatically and provide the report of the tested application. In that report, we can able to find out the health of the application and able to confirm whether all the functions are working as per requirements. With help of automation, we are saving our time and cost of resources. Achievement of automation testing is only possible with the standard testing process and the team m embers who are playing their role perfectly.

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