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June 7, 2021 | Mobile | No Comments

One of Google’s key announcements is the developer preview of Android 12. Due to such a preview leak, most users now have better expectations for the main features in the actual Android update below. Operating system development is currently at its peak, providing the public with updated implementations. Therefore, it describes the significant growth of the software development industry in the next few years. Even if most people are waiting for the main version of the operating system, you can cross-check and understand some of the potential features of the Android 12 developer preview

Main features in the update

Google has notably introduced some key advancements in this update. A quick look at Google's features on the operating system will establish features, such as advancements in notification support, privacy, feedback, and a complete notification UI. Let us summarize the most critical elements of the update that you might like

1. AVIF Image Support

Android 12 comes with a unique image format running under the AVI coded. More importantly, the image format is royalty-free. The form comes with support for quality images and is hassle-free for large-sized files

2. Lock Screen

Another minor adjustment lies on the lock screen. Everyone will always love fascinating lock screen features, right. Android 12 tends to understand it better when it comes to lock screens.You will fall in love with such lock screens. Additionally, stunning wallpapers will always be there for you.

3. Easier Wi-Fi sharing

In stock Android 11, if you want to share your current Wi-Fi connection with someone, you can create a QR code easily. However, in Android 12, you can avoid the barcode scanning and just hit the “Nearby” button you see underneath the QR code in the image above. That will use Android’s Nearby Share feature to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials to whomever you like

4. Support for Haptic-Paired Audio Effects

Google is allowing developers to mate haptic feedback patterns with audio in Android 12. The strength and duration of vibrations are derived from audio cues, which adds a more immersive layer to media playback or alerts.

5. Proper cookie management

For everyone running their devices on the Android platform or even other operating systems, it must be noted that cookies are almost inevitable. With the certainty of such cookies, it is necessary to develop a strategy for managing such cookies-Android 12 is a solution. These functions support the management of cookies on almost all applications and the entire OS. Fortunately, most browsers support cookie management.

6. Count for bundled notifications

Android 12 Developer Preview 3, the bundle of these will display a small “count” in the notification shade to inform you just how many message/emails or other are waiting for you within said application. A nice quality-of-life inclusion that helps you prioritize specific apps, contacts, or conversations.

7. Universal splash screens

To bring some cohesion to the app-launching experience, Android 12 will have a built-in splash screen for every app. The app screen will appear automatically for every app.

8.Audio crossfade with all media players

It’s worth noting that audio will crossfade when using picture-in-picture video windows in Android 12 DP3. You’ll need to re-tap the “Play” button in any floating player as the video will automatically pause should you switch to another media app — and vice versa

9.Optimizations to larger display devices

Google’s finally taking tablets, foldable, and TVs more seriously. Android 12 developer preview will be available for Android TVs, too.

10.Verified links

The URL that dictates when an app should be opened is now “verified” and will specifically target that app without bringing up the “open with” dialog. It should help simplify and streamline the process of opening links on your smart-phone.

11.Update via Google Play Store:

With Google Play, we can easily apply updates to some important applications. However, Google will also try to take more significant steps to ensure that the application runs in a better, safe and reliable environment. Therefore, Android 12 includes run-time modules for the same platform. This module is essential because it helps push updates to the typical run-time. Another important step taken by the new version is to minimize the roles in the current module


It is always a pleasure to explore the changes that have occurred in the field of software development. In this article, our central focus is on the Android platform, which has new and added features.Therefore, if you have a smartphone, please don’t use an old version with limited or outdated features

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