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Software Testing

Reliability will be measured with set of technical standard. This helps to customer confidence and build a relationship with them.
Defect tracking
Contains the information of the error and defects with the proper scenario which helps developer to resolve error and defects.
Software testing always keeps their end-user in mind, so accuracy and efficiency of applications duly tested for any discrepancies.

Our Competencies

Modern world software applications are connected with the lots of systems and functionalities. Each function is related to another function which makes the software application as complicated, it may cause any error and defect. To point out the errors and defects need functional and non-functional aspects of testing to ensure that every requirements are working as expected. Great Innovus testing team initiate an absolute testing process to discover potential issues that important for the end-user. Also, getting knowledge of the requirements clearly to deliver the product or service without error and defects in a dispatched time frame.


Great Innovus has the challenging test engineers to testing of all components including Consulting, development, maintenance of project testing, quality and reliability.
Good documentation and planning will always leads to better quality software testing products and services. Our testing team will always focused on the document should cover all the requirement of the customer and functional flows etc.
Great Innovus has always aiming to deliver defect-free software products and services. Manage the quality of software to ensure that product meets all the requirements given or expected by Customer.
Great Innovus developers and testers working together to achieve the goals of software development products and services. During testing they both will communicate and coordinate each other frequently which helps to cover the requirements.


Functional Testing
Great Innovus functional testing process focus on the testing of application against specifications and meeting the user expectations for functionality. Started with the initial set of tests which reduces the early stage defects and covering overall testing quality. Our functional testing approach is clearly structured and industry standard testing techniques methodologies. Our testers are trained to utilize industry standard test techniques to do an optimized testing to ensure the functional coverage.
Regression Testing
Great Innovus uses well defined regression testing approach to perform effective testing.Our approach consisted with the dependency analysis between the existing function with new functionality which should not produce the new issues.Previously developed software should be performed well even after introduced the new module or functions.Changes may include software enhancements, patches, configuration changes, etc.