smart city kisosk solutions

The Smart City Kiosk Solution is built to be modern, approachable, realistic, and withstand the rigors of daily use, with a focus on functionality and aesthetics.

Smart city kiosk features

  • One step solutions

    All Government services like birth certificate, death certificate will be provided to citizens on request

  • Third party services

    Instead of redirecting to third party websites , Government providing a single page for all 3rd party services

  • Directions

    Nearby places like garden, Religious Centers, Tourist Attractions, hospital and emergency numbers can be took located

  • Ticketing services

    Tickets bookings like Bus, Train, flight and metro can be booked from one place

  • Panic Help

    Citizens can use panic button on emergency which will be redirected to Government for necessary actions

what you think about smart city

Though smart city citizens will get a lot of advanced facilities like Transportation facilities in bus, Metro Train, Electricity bill payments, places nearby, Panic situation handling, feedback enrollment in both Audio and Video, all Government related e-services and third-party payments. Smart cities will digitize and make the Government ditch paper based reports, modern way of generating reports and handling work smartly.

smart city kiosk components

Smart City Kiosk has the following key components to make life easier for each and every Citizen

Touch Display

Enabled users to view and interact with the kiosk information system, users cantap/touch on the screen to select and navigate the different menu options available


To provide audible alerts to users on errors and success status


Allows users to provide video interaction to the panic and grievance services

Panic Button

For Emergency purpose panic situation reporting using 1 click access

smart city kiosk system overview

User can start using the app from this home screen. The option for available users are

places nearby with Navigations
Public transport service
ticketing support services
panic situation support services
utility bill payment support services
government to citizen services