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Recruitment Process

Great Innovus Recruitment Process

At Great Innovus we will follow the H3S model of hiring. H3S stands for Humble, Honest, Hungry and Smart – the qualities we look for in an ideal candidate. It is easy to train the skills but not easy to train the crucial things – the attitude. This H3S of hiring is very important in our organisation. We will identify the hiring need based on the job opening . We will give you the greatest environment to learn and work. There will be a different set of rounds like Telephonic screening , Face to face interview and human resource. Once candidate selected we will be sending the employment offering through mail. Finally candidate is On board.

1 (Demo)

A humble person has a good sense of himself. He doesn’t think more highly of himself than he should (pride), nor lower of himself than he ought (poor self-esteem). He is sober-minded, having a realistic grip on his strengths and weaknesses.

He respects other points of view and asks questions to make sure that he understands the other position before criticizing it. He makes other people feel smart and competent.

He does not exhibit self-ambition. He might be ambitious for the cause, for the company, or for the team, but he is not ambitious for himself. He isn’t overly-concerned about his title, his status, or his position relative to others.

2 (Demo)

Honesty and Integrity are the basic requirement for an ideal candidate. An honest person does not lie. He does not exaggerate or misrepresent the facts. “Spin control” is a foreign concept.

Honest person is also honest in giving others feedback. He is able to be direct without being hurtful. Finally, an honest person keeps his commitments, even when it is difficult, expensive, or inconvenient.

Honest person has the courage to face reality head-on and make his words conform to it. He would never ask someone else to lie on his behalf or to cover for him.

3 (Demo)

A hungry person is someone with an appetite. Metaphorically speaking, his last meal is already a fading memory. In other words, he doesn’t dwell on his past accomplishments. He is never satisfied. He is always reaching for more—setting higher goals.

A hungry person is intellectually curious. He reads constantly—newspapers, magazines, and books. Lots of books. He loves learning new things and sharing what he is learning with others.

In short, a hungry person “plays full out,” holding nothing back. More than anything, he wants to win and is willing to pay the price to do so.

4 (Demo)

A smart person is a quick study. He can “connect the dots” without a lot of help. He has a natural ability to “think laterally,” that is, across disciplines.

A smart person usually scores high on traditional IQ tests. He is comfortable using metaphors and analogies. He knows how to make complex subjects simple without confusing himself and everyone else in the process.

A smart person also asks thoughtful questions. He sees connections between topics that others miss. Finally, smart people have cognitive intelligence, which helps them succeed in any task.


It will be in your interview call mail

We need a minimum of two copies

It depends on the opening, Each round may take around 20 to 30 mins.

After 30 mins from scheduled interview time , Candidates will not be allowed to attend, So be on time.