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React JS Development

Light-Weight Code
React Js uses JSX instead of regular javascript for templating.JSX allows to do render sub-components along with HTML quoting.
The Virtual DOM
Unlike Other JavaScript, Frameworks works with Real DOM, whereas ReactJs uses Virtual DOM (i.e, an abstract copy of HTML DOM) to make changes in the particular part of user-interface.
Good SEO
React provides us a SEO friendly applications using Server-Side Rendering. React can easily update the view just by re-rendering the particular components.

Our Competence

In JavaScript Ecosystem, evolution of new tools and libraries which are different from each other.There, ReactJs evolved as a greatest hit which is used by large number of organisations.Great Innovus has a team of specialized react developers,who had developed critical projects.Our developers can built high-performance UI components and Applications.We use JSX on the front end to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website.We satisfied our clients ,who requires high-level feature along with modular approach on their application with ReactJs.


Great innovus experts are giving more preference to React JS and have included this advanced open source web development platform in their existing development technologies.
All the components are can be reuse, all react components are isolated and independent to each other. Each component has its own control and logic, and can be reused anywhere.
Single-way data flow
Our experts will use alternate way for data flow among all the systems downward data binding. In such a model, child elements cannot affect parent data. That makes a code stable.
We are a reliable partner, managing dedicated teams for software development. This experience is illustrated by a large portfolio of successfully delivered projects.

THE Solutions

As we know react takes care of view in MVC(Model, View, and Controller). Flux, a programming pattern that takes care of the Model Part in MVC. Flux is more of a pattern, than a framework, it has major components like Dispatcher, Stores, Views, and Action. Flux focus on creating explicit and understandable update paths for the application data, which makes simpler to track changes under development and find bugs easier to track down and fix. Flux is a Platform-agnostic. Compared to other frameworks flux keeps the code more predictable. Flux possess of its better-structured data flow - Unidirectional.
Redux is a state management tool for javascript applications.In Redux,the entire state of the application is stored in one central hub.Using Redux library can alleviate some of the issues that crop up in more complex applications.In Redux, state update is predictable that makes easier to understand how the data flow works in the application.Pure Reducer Functions - this makes logic easier to test and enables “time-travel debugging”.State centralization - this makes easier to persisting data between page refreshes.