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Prestashop Development


It is a feature rich free open source ecommerce solutions which can run in cloud or self hosting. It is designed based on selling services model, add on features and themes. It gives the flexibility for anyone who is selling in digital or physical goods online. It provides a powerfully responsive store interface for shopper, offers a comprehensive set of features which is almost free. The demo store in the prestashop includes both frontend store and backend management dashboard.The major advantage are Open Source, Multilingual, Free themes, Easy to learn, SEO oriented, Easy to develop, Debugging is easy, Highly Active forum, Fewer server resources are only required , Appealing backend interface, Light weight in nature. It is very easy to integrate to various external systems like ERP marketing, accounting, warehouse, suppliers and payment which is the big advantage of SaaS platform and can have a access of user friendly administration panel usage.


It contains a 3-tier architecture like Object / data, Data control and design . This will also make better performance, which is easier to read the software’s code, developers can add and edit faster. Graphic designer and html integrations. Can also work on additional data and modules that Integrates HTML. It also follows the similar like MVC architecture which isolates the application logic from input and presentation.