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PHP development

PHP developed product or services are loaded with the powerful application programming Interface.
Rapid Prototyping
PHP programming language is an superior choice for rapid prototyping, also can be used for static and dynamic web application development.
PHP is one pf the best server-script language with extensive experience open source programming language and quick and simple infrastructure.

Our Competence

Great Innovus has talented PHP developers with experience in designing and developing scalable and stable applications. PHP is a stand out amongst the most extensively utilized scripting dialect. Our team worked on lots of PHP development projects which ensures that softwares are maintains a high level of quality. PHP is considered to be one of the most preferred languages used in the current development, the reason behind is that it is uncomplicated, dynamic and provide effective web solutions.Modern websites are now a days highly advanced in their design and graphical interface. These things are possible with the lots of new technologies and methods that have been implemented recently in PHP development which is used in Great Innovus. We always include the new advanced features in our customers websites.We always include the new advanced features in our customers websites since PHP is very effective in terms of cost.


Customer Satisfaction
Our developers are experienced with the PHP (LAMP), MySQL, Apache & Linux. It will make us to fulfil the customer requirements and to offer the best solution.
Fast Processing Data
Developing websites itself we ensure that application work with the fast data processing.
Excellent User interface
Our PHP development allows to create the excellent user interface in application which will help our customer’s sale increasing.
Quick Development
Ability of quick development reduces the overall development time of customer product or service which in term reduces the cost to do.


CakePHP has made a great impact on our PHP developers as they did very well application with different concepts. It's a type of framework used in PHP development to build a PHP application.
CakePHP allows the developers to apply smallest codes by avoiding complicated codes like XML or YAML files and building the projects rapidly, which in turn helps in reducing the cost of development. For a large sites and functionalities of applications are done by this framework because of MVC driven framework. Also can be easily extendable with lots of plug-ins.Excellent support for MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle database, support multiple platforms.
Framework used by our PHP developers to built the applications. It helps to simplifying the process of development. Its having lots of libraries for common tasks also those libraries are easy to understand. The framework is very fast so our complete the product or service within the mentioned time period. It’s a lightweight framework but able to build strong applications with many functionalities. Codeigniter provides relational databases such MySQL or PostgreSQL by default. The platform is compatible across operating systems, servers and platforms. Standard types of programmes can be utilized using Codeigniter.