Indoor Navigation

It deals within the building , With automatic positioning normally used as a client based application. The position is directly determined on the smart phone of the user with the help of app.

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Geo-based services

It uses a real time geo-data from the mobile device or smart phone to provide information , entertainment or security. Services allows consumers to check in at restaurants, coffee shops and stores

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Indoor Tracking

It is the system to locate the objects or peoples inside the building using lights, radio waves, acoustic signals and also with any sensory based information directed to mobile devices.

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How mNigh Works?

mNigh is a intelligent indoor navigation and location based system with a particular limit like 5-15 meters . Here positioning technologies are used to perform the automatic positioning with the help of Wifi or beacons which uses Bluetooth Low energy which is called as indoor GPS.It can be used for multiple floors by using the specific shielding characteristics. User can track and get his location help by installing the particular app using bluetooth.

Why mNigh?

When people want to go for a Mall, Garden,Museum and in a buildings etc.. it may be difficult for them to locate the places and find out the shortest path to move forward. At that time this beacon based technology will locate you and guide you to have a complete navigation path , shortest route to reach your shop or any by using the location based technologies with the help of app controlled by BLE. This gives the user a comfortable experience on their path and findings.


Positioning and navigation used in every life in a very useful manner which shows us the way where we are and gives the complete guidance some of the features listed below

  • Smart notifications
  • Real time monitoring
  • Content management systems
  • Demographic statistics
  • Hate Maps and popular paths
  • Average time spent by user
  • Reports generation

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