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It is no of devices in the world connected to internet, collecting and sharing data. It is a giant network which connects the things and people, Which includes extraordinary number of objects of all shape and sizes.It connects the real and virtual world. Can manage IoT device connectivity and security. Will link devices to backend systems and ensure IoT interoperability and build run IoT applications. Smart devices produce a tremendous amount of IoT data that needs to be analysed in real time.

How does it work

Through the Internet of things platform devices and objects are connected with built in sensors. It can be very specific in what data should be captured and what should be ignored. The data can be used to detect patterns, make recommendations and detect possible platforms.

IOT characteristics

Connectivity, Data, Intelligence, Action, Ecosystem, Things and Communication, Connectivity, sensors, processors, security, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are the various characterstics of IOT . All these characteristics are really helpful to load in this digital world.


Increased Business Opportunities, Enhanced asset utilization, Efficient Processes, Improved Safety and security, Cost saving and Increased Productivity individuals, society, stake holders of businesses etc. due to the fact that IoT network saves time and money. IoT systems delivers faster and accurately with minimum utilization of energy. This improves quality of life.

Our Solutions

Smart City Kiosk, Environmental sensors, Smart Multi Level parking and Open System – Lighting Voice interface, Podium kiosk, digital display bus stop, Interactive smart tv displays, Clean bin management, Sprought.