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Enabling consistent, highly personalized buying experience across all channels.
Customer Centric
Proving positive customer experience to achieve the sale in order to drive the commerce business services.
Business Results
Marketing and merchandising tools enables users to engaging the customer experience.

Our Competence

IBM WCS platform is used for online and cross-channel commerce. At Great Innovus, having expert team who can assist customer for their selection and implementation of the IBM WCS projects. Based on the customer requirements enhancing the performance of the site and implementing new functionality for e-commerce sites etc. Customer-centric experiences for B2C, B2B and other selling models on a single, powerful interaction platform. Reach the optimal performance, scalability, reliability and high availability to support high volumes of website interactions and transactions.


Building for success
Our experts are involved with dedication to get the successful commerce implementation to producing online revenue for the customer.
Latest Technologies
Our teams consistently aimed at updated latest technology trends and making new release with new development and process it more effectively.
Providing best solution, technical support training to customer, and integrations to ensure the successful implementation to produce the online revenue.
Delivery Methods
Using agile methodology, always keeping our customer in the loop. Modernized delivery, designed to match requirements, timeline and budget.

Services We Provide

IBM WCS Implementation
Great Innovus having WCS developers have years of experience. They expert all aspects of IBM WCS application development and integrations. They can provide an end-to-end implementation or support your team by bringing the specific expertise to the table.

IBM WCS Maintenance and Support
Great Innovus support team oversees IBM WCS analytical systems to guarantee speedy issue recognition, processing and reporting. Based on customer needs our IBM WCS team contribute disciplinary maintenance assistance.