gDevice ia a Mobile Device Management solution which is designed to enhance the productivity without negotiating on corporate security. Mobile Device Management or MDM is a managerial functions that handling the security, monitoring, integration and authority of mobile devices in the workplace. The purpose of MDM is to making the functions correctly and security of mobile devices within organisation and corporate network systems. Mobile Device Management software is integrated with the Mobile Application Management to provide entire device management security in Enterprise Mobility Management.


Application Management

With gDevice feature can effectively distribute the application management process on end users devices and tracking their entire life cycle of the applications.

Security Management

gDevice protecting the data security, application security and organisation network access and lighten the risk of data loss by assuring that all the data are actively secured.

Audit and Reporting

With help of gDevice generate the reports at anytime especially during the auditing time. Obtaining customised reports immediately at a scheduled time.

Device and User Restrictions

Taking care of organisation data by restricting unknown devices from accessing organisation network. gDevice will provide diversified check-in’s or warning messages before allowing a device access.

Location Tracking

gDevice monitoring the location report of devices in organisation and evaluating the performance of the employees with that able to do analysation of distrustful behaviour and unusual activities, faster.


The main aim of taking control of the device is to protect your business from data loss and remove any potential vulnerabilities. The company can track their employee's work and analyze each and every device to ensure whether all the things get done in a perfect manner. Even with hundreds or thousands of devices can be controlled using the user-friendly dashboard and can analyze accordingly.

Users and Device managed remotely

Data Backup

Device updates controlled

Cost effectiveness

Keeps application and data secure



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