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Cloud Computing

Remote Access
Cloud computing related applications are hosted in the cloud, so able to access the information from anywhere.
Cost Effective
Helps customer to reduced cost, using Cloud computing technology for data access no need to invest on other hardware systems.
Private Cloud
Private Clouds sued to conduct the operations in a more secure cloud based environment which improves the reliability and security.

Our Competence

Cloud computing services help with the hereditary characters of cloud technology like security, speed, scalability, responsiveness and also cost effectiveness. Great Innovus cloud computing services help our customer to grow their business in a specific way, keep cost in efficient and developing strong environment options. Great Innovus having experts whose having years of experience in AWS, Azure and HeroKu and Google cloud services to deliver the best possible cloud solutions based on our customer requirements and building a long-term relationships with customer. Our dedicated developers acquiring great knowledge and expertise everyday.


We have a pool of passionate developers who will provide a best and cost effective solution in cloud technology for product or services, based on the exact requirements of customer.
Our developers are often work with the new technologies and methodologies to utilize the best practice favor of our customer business and aim to provide best outputs.
Our experts successfully delivered innovative and performance based cloud based application development services without failing with customer requirements.
Delivery Methods
Using agile methodology, always keeping our customer in the loop. Modernized delivery, designed to match requirements, timeline and budget of customers.

Services We Provide

Cloud Computing Development
Great Innovus team having experience and deploying cloud based application using software industry standard tools and technologies with other cloud applications.
Cloud Computing Integration
Great Innovus experts has knowledge in customised cloud integration services which are capable of enabling access to resources both in on-premises and cloud.
Cloud Migration Services
Great Innovus cloud migration and implementation services include creating new private cloud, migrating to public clouds which includes the migration and modernising applications and creating new infrastructures.

Cloud Maintenance Services
Great Innovus team always focused on our customer requirements, based on their needs our team contribute disciplinary maintenance assistance. Our maintenance team handling the emergencies, lighten issues and conduct the customer cloud environment by the use of latest technology.