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Block Chain

Use of decentralization having zero probability of system failure and also able to avoid any error or fault in the system.
Data Secure
Handling financial data’s in highest cybersecurity standards to ensure the security of the data.
This technology applied in the complex logistics to regulate and simplifying the work.

Our Competence

Blockchain technology is one of the innovative solution and has a large potential transformation in lots of business like banking system, financial services, healthcare, telecommunication etc. At Great Innovus we have experienced developers who worked in the field of blockchain application development like decentralised blockchain application, logistics application and banking sectors related application etc. Based on customer requirements securing the data’s and significantly increase the performance in every functionality of application and giving better experience to the customer.

WHY Blockchain Technology

Transparency and Trust
Blockchain technology is an open ledger and can be viewed by any person. Possible to view their holdings and transactions that they have carried out. This will generate trust when the companies trade with each other.
Speed and Capability
All type of transactions and functionalities happens between two parties alone which increasing the speed of the transaction and functionality. By the use Blockchain technology eliminating the need to of intermediates.
Blockchain removing the intermediate parties involved in a transaction or functionality which reduces the cost related to the agreement and conflict.
The security of the personal data and transaction related data, specifically which are stored online is very important. Blockchain technology has the potential to handle individual users security also.

Services we provide

Decentralised Application Development
Simply called as dApp. We provide a security filled decentralised application for enterprise customers having high-end security and environment management. Smart contract is a process used to improve blockchain services which is used to secure the transaction in the blockchain.
Banking Application Development
Blockchain is one of the important technology for banking systems and financial services. Integrating the shared database and cryptography, blockchain technology allows other parties to have concurrent access to a digital ledger that cannot be altered.

Cryptocurrency Development
Cryptocurrency development will have the features like Bitcoin and Litecoin also can be customised it based on the customer requirements. Cryptocurrency development allows customer to create their own cryptocurrency which is used to trade them as service token.

Blockchain Consulting
Great Innovus offer our customer a strategic advice, whether blockchain technology is suite to your business idea, whether it will provide a technical solution to solve a particular problem of business etc.