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Android Development

Pleasant UI
User interface is the one of the important in mobile application development. Android application will give the best UI to the Customer.
People are always expecting the UI wants to be simple and ease to understand which android gives.
Rapid growing
Without any doubt, android application development is the most booming area nowadays.

Our Competence

Great Innovus is one of the superior Android Application development company. Now days Android is one of the fastest growing operation system of mobile phones. Our experts in Android will deliver a great product or services with the entire requirements of Customer. In depth research and analysis are done after getting requirements and expectation of the customer. With our goal-oriented services we enable to move our customer business towards success.

Great Innovus having experts of Kotlin and Android Studio etc. Kotlin is a programming language and specifically used for JVM. It assists in streaming the process in effective and efficient way. Android studio is an integrated development environment which was build purposely for Android. Android studio using Gradle which is a great tool to build system. The power of android SDK integrates the Voice, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Location based Services into our solutions and application using versatile communication techniques like Bluetooth and Beacons to create more customise android application.


We have experienced developers well in coding the feature-rich android application, featuring with the different functionalists for different types of end-users.
Our team successfully delivered innovative and performance based iPhone application development services without failing with customer requirements.
Based on the every aspect of the customer requirements customising the application to strengthen their business and ensure customer to get expected application features.
Multiple Android Devices
Our experts develop application to run perfectly on multiple Android devices like different versions of android mobiles and tablets, which enhancing the customer base and leads for sales and revenue of our customer.

Services We Provide

Custom Android Application Development
Outfitted with cutting-edge technology to customise the Android application as per the latest and customer requirements. With help of custom android application our experts integrate the enterprise applications and big data performance with mobile application, it can be results in good business results.

Beacon Technology Development
Great Innovus android experts build strong and effective applications using ‘Eddystone’ protocol which helps to automating the devices based on proximity and location. Applications with beacons developed for the use of data transform and automate activities in any places. Based on the customer requirement the activities and location services are handled to fill their expectation.
Financial and E-Commerce Application Development
Great Innovus having a team of expertise in the Financial and e-Commerce application development. These technology applications having more potential features while developing Android application that can be establish the financial management and online shopping effectively.
Upgrade of Android Application
Great Innovus experts providing all the application features based on the latest aspects of Android platforms which helps the user can have the excellent usage experience. Also based on the customer requirements redesigning the application and upgrading it to the next level.