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AI Trends in 2018

Human activities are performed by a machine or programme is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence unquestionably has a lot to offer us. AI automats the regular tasks as well as giving imaginative awareness. AI is mainly used in the healthcare and banking, consumer electronics industries etc and reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the new technology term over which companies and countries are battles for control. Last year tech giants like Alphabet and Baidu are invested 20-30 billions of dollars for AI research and development. Companies aren’t the only ones investing time, funds and strength into advancing AI, some governments like China has been attempting AI technology aggressively in an effort to control a future foundation change.

Considering those largest entities in the world are focused on advancing in AI tech, the following are AI trends to look out.

Human-Machine Interactions with Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is an ability of a machine or computer to understand and process human language within the context in which it is spoken. Application done by NLP is having the ability to communicate with users (humans) by learning the distinct sound of speech, context and pronunciations. NLP is mainly used for understanding the words in a context. It analysis each word in context and giving a recommendation for the users. Already there are a lot of applications are done by NLP in Artificial Intelligence.

Applications are:

Customer Review Application

Getting the product reviews from the website and knowing what is the expectation of the consumer in a particular product. That’s why companies are collecting the reviews of the consumer and keeping all data about each and every product. Certainly based on the consumer favourites recommending a new product. These applications are used by companies to focus on the customer satisfaction, suggest more products and understanding the customer demands.  

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant is one of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence nowadays. Virtual Assistant applications previously done by NLP are Amazon Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri. For a better customer experience and reducing the operational cost Virtual Assistant applications are mostly used in Call Centres and Customer services.

Clinical Diagnosis

For diagnostic purpose also NLP is used. Based on the NLP operations many applications are developed and used in the healthcare industry. NLP  is reading the electronic health records and presenting the accurate standardised data to understand everyone. Examples of NLP software is Mammograms which is used to detect the breast cancer in women and a tool used for clinical suspicion for Kawasaki Disease.

Democratisation of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence that gives practice the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience. Through data it’s searching the models and improving the programme actions respectively. Machine learning connected with the computer programme and can able to access data and use it to learn for themselves.

Mentioned below few of common machine learning applications:

Financial Industry: Financial sectors are still handling with traditional unfruitful methods of reporting and administration related works. AI improvements have modified this field with the introduction of Automated Advisory.  Machine Learning patterns are replacing the traditional methods and started to move into the recent market trends. These methods are mainly used in the financial sectors to prevent the financial frauds. Bad Customer service is also one of the complaints among the customers, some of the common problems among the people able to handle it with the machine learning. Nowadays financial sectors are actively interested to invest in machine learning technologies.

Healthcare Industry: Machine Learning is used for lots of disease identifications like Google algorithms for identification of a cancer tumour, Stanford deep-learning algorithm for skin cancer and diagnoses diabetic retinopathy in retinal images. Now we can able to assure that Machine Learning is having the futuristic path in the healthcare industry. Machine Learning is also used in the gene-sequencing, Drug discovery and research works etc. AI systems are used in the hospital for lots of operational workflows.

Self-Driving Cars by Mainstream auto Manufacturers

Tesla was one of the first automakers to launch a self-driving vehicle. In their effort to keep speed with Tesla, traditional automakers like Audi are poised to release their own self-driving cars in later this year. Google also working on self-driving car project named WAYMO.

Waymo has self-driven 8 million miles on public roads, It’s testing at a rate of 25K miles per day. The Audi A8 will feature self-driving technology capable of safely shuttling humans without driver input. Cadillac and Volvo are also developing advanced self-driving technology, which will evolve visibly in this Year.

Development of Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence has a potential to solve as many as real-life time problems. The advancement in AI technologies is increasingly unlocking the opportunities, notably for smart city development. The tasks manually performed by a human hereafter taken by AI which implies a period of growth in technology.

Development of smart cities resolves most of the city population challenges. Lots of technologies are used in the smart city development, placing the video camera in the streets. The real-time video analysis helps for the identification of accidents and traffic difficulty. With help of the smart system able to handle the signals for allowing prioritised passage to the emergency and law enforcement teams.

Supply Chain Management

We are entering a world in which it will be possible to run a 20,000-square-foot distribution centre with a minimum number of personnel. Companies like Amazon Robotics use a combination of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to provide big box retailers with unprecedented logistics solutions.

Warehouses of the future will look nothing like they do today rather than being designed to accommodate human packers, they will be built for highly capable robots that can work 24/7 and don’t require lighting to see what they are doing.

Amazon Robotics creates learning robots that can efficiently find and transport items in Amazon’s warehouses. The technology is already being used today and is expected to play an increasingly prominent role in the company’s quest for faster, less expensive deliveries.