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ADVANTAGE ML (Machine Learning)

Than the existing technologies, new technologies differs a lot. Similarly machine learning also improved. It was started from pattern recognition and formulation setup done which computers can learn. Machine learning is running from a long time. The interactive aspect of machine learning is important because as models are exposed to new data. It has the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data.Some of the main advantage is like creating wide applications, Advertisements, utilization of resources, automation of tasks,quality,large and complex, Can handle multiple dimensional. It gives the sophisticated pattern recognition, intelligent decisions, self modifying and multiple interactions. It is applied for predictive analytics. It feature has wide ranging impact on activities which involves to develop, test and refine an algorithm.Some of the technique we handled in ML is Face Detection, image Classification, Tensor flow and scikit

Why it is important ?

It is a very practical application that can drive a kind of real business results in terms of time and money saving. It can dramatically improve the future of an organisation. Through virtual assistant solutions it automates the task and perform like a real agent. On the interaction section we can further improve by eliminating decisions and make what to be sent to the human or machine. It is made up of three parts like The computational algorithm at the core of making determinations, Variables and features that make up the decision and Base knowledge for which the answer is known that enables (trains) the system to learn.

ADVANTAGE AI (artificial intelligence)

It is the process of creating intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Nowadays it is the essential part of the technology industry. Some of the activities are included here like speech recognition, Learning, planning and problem solving, knowledge, reasoning, perception and ability to move objects.Less Errors, Daily Applications, Faster Decisions, Digital assistants, Taking risk on behalf of humans, Fraud detections, Emotions, Robotic Pets, Less Errors, Daily Applications, Faster Decisions, Digital assistants, Taking risk on behalf of humans, Fraud detections, Emotions and Robotic Pets, Difficult exploration, Daily applications, No breaks, Increase work efficiency, Reduce cost for training and operation,Increase in revenue by identifying and maximising sales opportunities, can make faster business decisions, mine vast amount of data.Some of the technique we handled in AI is Augmented Reality, Natural Language processing, Responds to customers in a way that stimulates a conversation between humans, can auto suggest to customers.

Why AI is important ?

It automates the repetitive learning and search of data it performs high volume , computerised task reliably . It adds intelligence to the exsisting products. Automation, conversational platforms, bots and smart machines can be combined with large amounts of data to improve many technologies. It performs the progressive learning algorithms, IT achieves the incredible accuracy. It will analyse more and deeper data. When algorithms are self learning the data itself become a intellectual property.

Types of AI

There are two types of AI strong AI and Weak AI. Weak AI is otherwise known as narrow AI is designed and created for particular tasks like Virtual personal assistants llike Apple’s siri. Strong AI is generalized artificial intelligence with human cognitive abilities when presented with the unfamiliar task.